Mar 21 2013

  posted by: Bryan Gordon

Contact Organizer

Marysville, Ohio – March 21, 2013 – For every messy stack of business cards there are a dozen big breaks left behind; the critical details behind a name – details that can make a sale or foster a productive relationship – can slip away far too easily. Without a clever way for sales teams to keep this information accessible and organized, those opportunities do nothing but accumulate undeveloped. UniKeep, a leading manufacturer of binders and other organizational supplies, has released a product that will make networking at trade shows and conferences much simpler and better protected.

The UniKeep Contact Organizer is a purpose-built binder that ensures networking stays streamlined. Company president Michele Cole said, “This is an ideal solution for our on-the-go customers because it keeps their materials neatly and fully enclosed.” Each half-inch binder can carry as many as 40 cards in an orderly and polished-looking package. Doris Goode, an administrative assistant and long-time UniKeep customer, praised the binder’s sturdiness. “I can put whatever I need in it without worrying about anything falling out – it fits my needs perfectly.”

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Feb 27 2013

  posted by: Ross Youngs

Tax Organizer

Most of us are all so happy to be done with filing our taxes that we usually don’t think much of the mountain of documents, receipts and forms created by the tax process. Generally, we just stash them and forget where we put them until the following year. Now there’s a better answer, a way to put those things from the start in a good place. The UniKeep case binder company has really made that choice for storage easy, convenient and attractive.

The UniKeep Tax Organizer case binder is a colorfully labeled kit of enclosed archival accessories that make tax time organization easy and productive. Company President Michele Cole says, “We really wanted to create a fun, functional product and cover a range of customers from the professional organizer to the unorganized and determined.”

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