Spring Cleaning Checklist By Room [2021 Checklist + FREE Printables]

Spring Cleaning Checklist By Room

Complete 2021 Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Sparkling Home + Free Printables!

Author: Celeste O’Connor

Spring is a double-edged sword. The sun is shining, there’s no more ice to scrape off of your car, and birds begin chirping again. But the downside to spring is something many despise and avoid – spring cleaning.

But believe it or not, deep cleaning your home for spring and summer doesn’t need to be dreadful. Coming home to a tidy, sparkling, organized home can do wonders for your mental and physical health and overall happiness.

At UniKeep we believe that organization is the key to success. We’ve broken down spring cleaning duties room by room so you can tackle each area in an organized way to ensure there’s nothing you accidentally pass over.

Skip the reading – All of the steps in this article are also condensed inside a three-page free printable spring cleaning checklist. Save time by printing it out at home.

[Download your free printable room by room spring cleaning checklist here.]

Let’s get started!

Supplies You’ll Need


  • Paper towels/microfiber cloths
  • Windex/Glass cleaner
  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • Wood polish, if you have wood surfaces
  • Brush or sponge for scrubbing
  • Tile cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Bins for donation items

Something to Note

Before you get into cleaning each area, scan all of your belongings and decide whether there are some items you don’t need. Your house can be clean, but if you have too much clutter, it won’t feel organized.

A good rule of thumb to follow is if an item has not been used in a year or more, get rid of it! Sell or donate it. Doing this will free up more space and bring you closer to a more comfortable living.

1. Entryway

Begin in the first area of your house when you enter it, the entryway.


  • Remove the doormat and vacuum it or throw it in the wash if it’s machine washable
  • Sweep up any dust, dirt, and debris and mop the floor.
  • Organize any coats, scarves, hats, shoes, etc.
  • If you have an entry closet, remove all its contents and clean its floor and shelf space.
  • Use a cloth and all-purpose cleaner to polish hardware – the doorknobs, light fixtures, key rack, door hinges, lightswitch plates, etc.

2. Living Room


  • Take any throw blankets and pillow covers to be washed.
  • Wash your curtains – some can be machine washed, and some you can keep hanging and clean with a handheld vacuum.
  • Get your windows clear and streak-free with Windex.
  • Clear off your coffee table and clean using an all-purpose cleaner or wood polish – the same for your TV stand.
  • Dust off your TV screen and organize any loose DVDs and video games (check out our 10-disc and 80-disc DVD collection binders and video game storage cases to consolidate your media).
  • Vacuum your floors, rugs, and couch. If you have a leather couch, check out how to clean a leather sofa for in-depth tips and instructions.

3. Kitchen

The bulk of the cleaning usually takes place in the kitchen. Roll up your sleeves for this one!

  • Start with your fridge/freezer. Remove all the items and toss anything unwanted or expired. Deep clean the inside of your fridge, removing shelving and drawers, and scrub them with soap and water. Clean up any spills or messes. Avoid using any chemical-based cleaner where food will be going; soap and water or a natural cleaner will work well.
  • Move onto your pantry and cabinets, purge anything expired. Anything unexpired and unopened can be donated to a food pantry. If you don’t have organizers for your dry food, consider picking up some plastic containers and jars to organize things like cereal, beans, sugar, flour, etc.
  • For food items that are expired or opened, zero-waste lifestyle guide Antonia recommends putting waste to use via simple composting. Composting can go a long way and is worth considering!
  • Take out all of your cooking items, dishes, glasses, mugs, and silverware, and donate anything you no longer use or need to replace.
  • Scrub the outside of your cabinets with cleaner or wood polish if necessary. Don’t forget to clean any hardware and knobs.
  • Tackle all of your appliances. Clean the surfaces of your stovetop and oven, microwave, blender, coffee pot, etc. It’s always a good idea to run one part water and one part vinegar through your coffee maker to clean it.
  • Clear your countertops and wipe them clean of crumbs, stains, and spills.
  • Wash any dirty dishes and clean the sink and faucet.
  • Use Windex on windows
  • Finally, sweep and mop your kitchen floors.
  • (Optional: Pull out your fridge and oven and clean underneath – a space that’s largely ignored.)

4. Dining Room


  • Clear off your dining room table. If you have loose bills and paperwork, find a place for them.
  • Polish the tabletop and legs with all-purpose or wood cleaner.
  • Clean the seat and legs of the dining chairs.
  • Wash curtains
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Clean hardware, light fixtures, light switch plates, etc.

5. Office

  • Remove all office supplies, your computer, and clutter from your desk and wipe it clean.
  • Organize your office supplies (get a pencil cup and desk organizer if you haven’t already).
  • Dust your computer screen and deep-clean your keyboard.
  • Create a document organization system using binders. UniKeep view case binders are perfect for home office document organization because of the compact way that they fit on shelves.
  • Clean the seat and legs (and wheels if applicable) of your desk chair.
  • Sweep/vacuum/mop floors and rugs.
  • Clean windows and curtains and dust blinds.

6. Bedrooms

Depending on what kind of bedroom you are cleaning (master, guest, kids room) there will be different tasks to do. These steps are a general guideline for almost every bedroom.

  • Wash bedding
  • Sweep/vacuum floors
  • Clean and polish bed frame and headboard
  • Wash windows and windowsills
  • Clean curtains and dust blinds
  • Clear off and clean nightstands
  • Empty dressers and play “keep, sell and donate”
  • Clear the dresser top and wipe the whole dresser clean
  • Dust the ceiling fan
  • Clean light fixtures, lamps, light switches, etc.
  • Clean any other surfaces
  • Organize loose clutter

7. Bathrooms

  • Clean the mirror with Windex
  • Purge and clean the medicine cabinet
  • Clean the sink and sink top
  • Polish chrome (faucet, knobs, handles, towel racks)
  • Purge and organize under the sink (lazy susans are great for under-the-sink organization)
  • Wash hand towels and washcloths
  • Wash the shower curtains and curtain rod
  • Deep clean the tub, faucet, shower wall, and showerhead
  • Organize soaps and shampoos; consider a shower caddy
  • Replace all of your sponges and loofahs
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Deep clean toilet bowl and base

8. Closets

  • Go through your closet and play “keep, sell, donate”. If you haven’t worn it in a year – or, as Marie Kondo says – it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.
  • Organize remaining clothes by color, type, or style
  • Clean/vacuum closet floors
  • Dust/clean shelving
  • Clean doorknobs

9. Laundry Room

  • Clean washer and dryer
  • Clean in between washer and dryer (pull them out if you can)
  • Empty the lint trap
  • Organize detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, bleach, etc.
  • Clean dryer vent
  • Sweep and mop floor

10. Garage

  • Organize sporting equipment, tools, and toys
  • Sweep floor
  • Clean the garage door
  • Clean any storage units and shelving
  • Clean windows


Be sure to read these 8 garage organization tips to give you some more ideas of how to tidy up the garage.

11. Throughout the House / Every Room

There are general cleaning tasks that you should be doing in every single room.

  • Clean baseboards
  • Clean vents
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Dust blinds
  • Make sure you have an organizational system. There should be a place for everything that enters your home!
  • Find ways to reduce clutter


Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming at first glance. It’s not too bad once you get started. Put on some music or invite some friends over to help in exchange for dinner to make it more fun. Purging clutter, deep cleaning your rooms, and organizing everything is well worth the elbow grease. A tidy home makes a world of difference!

Please enjoy the free printable room-by-room spring cleaning checklist we’ve provided, and happy spring 2020 from your friends at UniKeep!

Spring Cleaning Checklist By Room.

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