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Medical Records Kit

Organize your medical records with UniKeep

It’s critical to keep records of your own and your family’s medical histories. Saving them is useful when you change doctors or if there is an emergency. Take it with you when you’re away from home, too. It could prove vital if you or a loved one becomes ill on vacation.

Having a medical records binder can provide a health care provider with important information so you can receive faster treatment. A medical records binder from UniKeep helps you save important records like health reports, prescriptions, vaccinations and procedures.

I bet you don’t remember the last time you went to your dentist or had a tetanus shot. Moreover, you might get bewildered if someone asks you about your medical history. It’s to remember details about our visit to the doctor or the medicines that are prescribed to us.

Medical Records Kit

A medical binder is a great memory aid for past appointments, but it can also be used as proactive tool for upcoming visits. Include related health articles and questions you’d like to discuss with your doctor. 

This UniKeep case binder can be your “one souce” go-to for routine medical appointments. And it’s great to have handy in case of an emergency. It also helps you keep a track of the medications you are required to take by writing down the dosage, time, and even the prescription number, along with the prescribing doctor’s name.

Medical Records Kit



The UniKeep Medical Records binder works as a personal health diary can help track of the causes and flare-ups of chronic medical conditions.  Track the side effects of a new medications,  post-surgical health, and more with a binder designed to help keep your medical information organized, safe and secure, in an easy to use format.

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