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how to plan a class reunion checklist

How to plan a class reunion with UniKeep

If you’ve been tasked with planning a high school reunion, odds are you’re feeling both excited and nervous. After all, it’s the party your classmates have been waiting for since you graduated! It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a five or twenty-five-year reunion because a reunion takes hard work, attention to detail, and dedication to working through a long process.

But don’t panic! We’ve prepared a list of suggestions, below, to help you stay organized, prepared, and confident.

Prepare a Planner Binder

A good planner is an event basic you simply can’t do without for keeping your plans and ideas organized. Try a Unikeep Binder for your planner. You can ‘Create Your Own’ style of the planner by adding UniKeep accessories such as divider pages, tabbed pages, pocket pages, and special pages for business cards. Use your school logo and mascot to design your custom binder cover on the UniKeep website. A binder used for planning will help you stay prepared and keep all important information at your fingertips.

Form a committee

Form a core committee of enthusiastic individuals who can go the extra mile with you for an outstanding reunion. Once you find the committee members, begin by sorting out their roles as reunion chair, treasurer, and members who are good at accomplishing major and minor tasks. Include their names and responsibilities in your 3 ring UniKeep binder. This can be a truly rewarding experience for you and the committee members who willingly become a part of this reunion.

How To Plan A Class Reunion

Plan ahead of time

It’s equally important to decide when and how to start the preparations. How lavish will it be? If it’s an elaborate event, start planning one year before the reunion. It’s better to give yourself more time to order services and book the location. Keep receipts and requirements inside your binder for reference.

Decoration Ideas

Use your school colors in your decorating ideas and use them for the tablecloths, plates, glasses, napkins, balloons, flowers, and centerpieces. You can also incorporate school colors in the frames of old school photos, school pennants, class year, and school motto banners. Your finalized version of each and every accessory should be added to the 3 ring binder, so when you go for printing orders, you’ll have the final ideas written down.

How To Plan A Class Reunion

Games and Activities

Your class reunion party is incomplete without games and other entertainment activities. You can entertain the old classmates by organizing a slideshow of old and favorite photographs, arraigning a ‘pin the glass on favorite teacher’ game, flattering deans, professors, teachers, coaches, and principals through guest imitations, having a contest of finding the top 10 movies, singers, programs and bands, and also making people sing the popular songs of graduation era. You can add more twists by introducing new games for the event.

Party Favors

If you want your guests to remember the reunion party, design some unique party favors. Keep your party favor theme to the school spirit. You can prepare alumni items like t-shirts, balls, hats, notebooks, or sticker, get school monograms printed on beer glasses, candle holders, other item holders, or mugs, have class photographs covers and coating on everyday items, and can even arrange key chains and bookmarks with school logos on them. With these useful personalized items, you can allow users to remember the great time they had during their class reunion for many years.

How To Plan A Class Reunion

Reunion Menu

Choosing the right menu for your class reunion can be a tiring task as there will be numerous choices to select from. You can talk to your selected caterer about the food menu that best suits your event without breaking your budget. Don’t forget to take your planner binder along to note down the final menu so, at the end of the day, you know the options you have chosen for the venue. You may go for the buffet, formal dinner, family-style service, brunch, tea-coffee with desserts, cocktail reception, or chef-action station.

Customized Reunion Books

Prepare a reunion book by combining your custom photos and designed pages with a UniKeep 0.5 inch, 1 inch, or 1.5-inch binder. A UniKeep Reunion Binder can give detailed information of the event to the guests such as the weekend’s itinerary, games, activities, and food. It can also serve as a wonderful memento when you add school memories, photos, and other memorabilia to each binder. You can create your own binder on the UniKeep website by using your clipart, color theme, and text additions.

By just being determined and organized, you can throw a phenomenal school reunion. At the end of the day, thank your guests for attending the event and your hard-working committee for their help and support. Enjoy the post-event glow, store photos, and keep your planner binder close to you to practice your event management skills sometimes in life again!

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