How I Finally Organized My Craft Space

  posted by: Ginger Olivieri


Using UniKeep and EnvyPak products to get it together.



I’ve been a casual crafter all my life. For the past 10 years, I’ve been doing more card-making and scrapbooking, and, as most of you can imagine, over that time I’ve accumulated way too much stuff. Paper, stickers, embellishments, fabrics, stamps, inks – the list goes on. Without the luxury of a craft room, I’ve always had to come up with creative ways to keep my things neat and organized.


After joining Univenture in 2007, I saw how we used UniKeep and EnvyPak products internally to organize our office spaces. That got me thinking: how can I use these cases, binders, and envelopes for my own personal organization at home? Univenture was kind enough to donate some products for me to use, and I soon learned how I can finally get my crafts organized.


To start, I wanted to tackle some of my scrapbooking collections that included many different types of items, like dimensional embellishments, stickers, and rubber stamps on blocks. I use the large-format legal cases (without rings) and am able to store these collections and stamps very nicely. They stack neatly, letting me store a lot of stuff in just a small amount of space, and the clear case allows me to easily see what’s inside. Though that works for me, you could also label each case with a simple cover overlay using one of these binder cover templates.


I use the 2-ring legal case binder to store my large-format sticker sheets and rub-ons. This allows me to thumb through the sticker sheets and while keeping them safe and organized.


Mini Binders

Then, I started organizing using the UniKeep Mini Binders and pages. I love this binder. I use them to store my flat and dimensional sticker sheets, organizing them by theme. The binder has an overlay that makes it easy to slip in a paper cover or label. Again, they stack very nicely on my craft table and are so easy to access. The UniKeep 3 Ring Binders and pages work the same way and have various sizes and types of page styles for organizing different sorts of items. I used the trading card pages to store miscellaneous embellishments and stickers that didn’t really have a home. Now, I can see everything easily without having to dig through a pile.


Finally, I decided to make use of an old filing cabinet I wasn’t using that has 2 drawers full of file folders. I used EnvyPak clear envelopes with re-sealable tape and stored my smaller collections of stickers and embellishments there. This allows me to thumb through the files so I can quickly find what I am looking for. The envelope allows me to keep small scraps of paper or stickers enclosed so nothing is lost or wasted – perfect for me!


Everyone has their own way of keeping, storing, and organizing their crafts, but I’m glad to be using UniKeep and EnvyPak products. But it’s not just because I work for the company – I love the way they keep things contained, neat and accessible. How about you? What are some of the ways you keep your crafts in order?

Give this a try!

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