posted by: Kiran Khalil

Summer is here! It’s time to transform your Garden…!

Garden Journal

Summer is in full swing with blossoms and buds everywhere, and soon you’ll be deep in compost. If you have a passion for gardening, make sure your garden reflects it and for that you must know if your garden beds are mature to grow everything you desire and how you must sow each seed.

Your ideas of practicing gardening might have changed from what you’ve done the previous year, but this year you’ll want to keep things organized as how to arrange vegetables or you would like to add a new garden bed. To help you arrange your garden or fertilize it properly, you ought to buy a garden journal. It’ll work as an indispensable tool for you for the years to come.

The best among all the garden binders and journals I’ve seen, UniKeep Garden Journal is the one I choose for my garden planning and will definitely suggest it to others who have a passion for gardening as well. It’s an inexpensive way to keep track of your plants and their specific details. This garden journal saves a lot of time and would also guide you about gardening.

Whether you want to write about transplant dates, seed start, weather trends, seed germination, various characteristics of emergence of blossoms, or even the good companion plants for your garden, you can log everything in this garden journal. We all have the tendency to forget the minor details of gardening, especially, what type of fertilizers we applied to each plant and when did we last applied them, our observation throughout each season, and dates of harvest; all this can be saved in this case binder.

Garden Journal

Garden journal stores all your gardening drawings, receipts, tags, and more. Photo sheets are included in three different sizes along with tab dividers to classify and secure your gardening papers. You can divide the sheets into monthly sections and even add seed packets and pictures of crops.

With the UniKeep garden journal, I can now keep my garden expenses completely organized.
So transform your garden into a blossoming one today!

Happy Gardening!

“The more one gardens, the more one learns, And the more one learns, the more one realizes how little one knows.” Vita Sackville-West