Make your stuff yours.

Our FREE Binder templates are the perfect way to give your UniKeep Binder some extra pizazz.

These templates work especially well with any of our products that feature crystal-clear overlays.

It’s easy to get started:
1. Browse by the type of product you have or plan to buy.
2. Pick a theme and design you like and select the size you need.
3. Open the file in Microsoft Word, add your name or a label if applicable, and print!

If you come up with a design you love, email us and we might just add it to our site!


Pick A Product Type to Get Started!

UniKeep Binder Templates


UniKeep Binder Templates

Create a personalized cover for UniKeep Binders in a variety of sizes, including .5-inch, 1-inch, 1.5-inch, and mini.

Vinyl Binder Templates


Vinyl Binder Templates

These design templates will fit nearly any standard vinyl binder.

Templates for Accessories


Accessories Templates

Create easy-to-read labels for UniKeep pages, including binder pockets and dividers.

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