2 Easy Ways to Vanquish Video Game Clutter

  posted by: Dylan Meister


Keep your game discs safe and organized


Video Game Clutter

If you’re a gamer like me, you know how easy it can be to amass a huge collection of video games and computer games in no time at all. A much-anticipated blockbuster hits the shelves and I can almost feel the money throwing itself from my wallet. Mix that with the odd used game purchase or garage sale find and before I know it, my shelves are spilling over with discs, cases, manuals, maps, and artwork. Even if you don’t play video games, chances are you know someone who does. Maybe you have kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or siblings who do, and I’d bet they have the same problem as me. With so much stuff (read: clutter) that comes with buying the latest games, how in the worlto keep it all organized and protected?


Enter the UniKeep Video Game Storage Kit.


I started using this kit about 6 months ago as my wife and I were making a concerted effort to keep our living room neat and clutter-free. The idea is simple: store 30 game discs (with room for manuals!) in the same amount of space it usually takes to store 4 or 5 game cases. The kit comes with 3 A5 case binders that each hold 10 disc pages made from the lint-free Safety-sleeve material. Each page has space for 1 game disc, with a pocket for the game manual on the reverse side. And with a digitally printed gaming-themed design, it’s easy on the eyes to boot.

What I love about this kit is that it makes it easy to switch between games without creating a jumbled heap of cases and exposed discs around the TV. I can keep one of these A5 cases within arm’s reach and quickly find the disc I need and, more importantly, return the unwanted disc to its proper place.

I’m not a diehard computer gamer, but I do have a few favorite titles that I like to play from time to time. For these, I picked up the UniKeep Video Game Disc Storage Kit. It’s the same basic concept as the A5 cases, but this one is sized for PC game discs and booklets. With 5 wallet-size cases that each hold 10 Safety-sleeve pages, the kit compactly stores up to 50 discs with manuals.

The PC Game Storage Kit comes in a black paperboard slipcase that fits nicely on your desk, making it easy to keep my favorite games close at hand.

What I like best about these kits is the shelf space they save, but I can imagine a whole new level of appreciation that a parent of a messy child would have for these products. With all of the money spent on the newest games, what a shame it would be to see them left out on the floor to get scratched, stepped on, or rolled over. With a system that’s this easy to use, kids can quickly find and replace discs instead of leaving them on the floor. And when it comes time for a weekend sleepover, simply toss it in their backpack and they’re ready to go.

Give these a try!



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